Episode 1: Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hello Dear listeners, I am happy to announce my first podcast episode that is called “Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorders”! 

The main goal of this podcast is to inform families who raise children with autism, as well as specialists, teachers and other interested listeners about the difficulties and scientifically approved therapies and methods to improve the quality of life of people with ASD. Why is this important? Still I hear a lot of misleading thoughts and information about autism. In this podcast I am going to clear up the information about the effectiveness of specific therapies and my colleagues and I will give some suggestions of how to improve the quality of life of people with ASD.

Virginija Juskeviciute is Applied Behavior Analysis Consultant with sixteen years of experience working with children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Virginija specializes in Functional Communication Training (FCT), designing and implementing individual education plans, managing problem behavior, etc. Virginija is the owner of the center that is called “ABAlab” in Kaunas, Lithuania. You can find more information here www.abalab.lt

We discussed a lot of interesting things – what Applied Behavior Analysis is and how it can change the development and quality of life of people with ASD. In addition, stereotypes of ABA, various areas of Applied Behavior Analysis, verbal behavior and the therapy process, the causes of problem behavior in children with Autism and possible strategies used to manage these problem areas.

So, I hope everybody can find some important and valuable information and answers on challenging questions! Thank you for your attention!