Episode 3: Social skills and effective treatment

Hello Dear listeners, I am happy to announce my third podcast episode on the topic “Social skills and effective treatment” with speech and language therapist Alex Kelly, who has been working in the field for 35 years. She specializes in social skills training and works with children and adults with social skills difficulties. Alex is the author of Talkabout that is a structured teaching and social skills assessment programme. Also, she is the founder of a day centre “Speaking Space” for adults with learning disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. The goal of her team is to help a person become more independent within his community. You can find more information here http://alexkelly.biz.

Our discussion included the information about the social skills topic – what are social skills and how do they develop during our life, what difficulties can people with ASD face communicating with others, how can specialists or parents assess social skills development level and what is effective and scientifically based treatment, what are assertiveness skills and how can we teach a child to manage bulling, etc.

I attended Alex’s social skills training class in Hampshire some time ago. That was the first time I realized that it is possible to develop social skills in people with ASD in a structured way and that developing these social skills is not something unreachable. I would be glad if you find this conversation important for you! Thank you for attention!