Episode 4: Stereotypy and effective treatment

Hello Dear listeners, the fourth podcast episode on the topic “Stereotypy and effective treatment” is here! I had a great conversation with senior consultant and BCBA-D Kelsey Ruppel from FTF Behavioural consulting. What is more, Kelsey worked as a special education teacher helping children with developmental disabilities. Kelsey’s areas of interest are treatment of severe problem behaviour, practical functional assessment and skill-based treatment that was developed by her colleague Dr. Gregory Hanley, and preventing behaviour problems of developing and worsening in young children using an approach called Balance program.

We went through different important questions on the topic of stereotypy, for example, the difference between motor and vocal stereotypy, the possible functions of stereotypic behaviour, child controlling the environment, possible effective strategies to manage stereotypy and other gripping questions. I got the information that there is a short-term and a long-term treatment possibility for stereotypy. This is an important and challenging topic to discuss and Dr. Ruppel gives us a lot of answers to our questions. Have a great listening to this podcast!