Episode 7: Feeding problems in children with ASD and effective treatment

Hello Dear listeners, I hope you will enjoy the next podcast episode on the topic “Feeding problems in children with ASD and effective treatment” with a BCBA and PhD student in behavior analysis at Simmons University, Karly Covall! She also works in a center for children with ASD in early intervention programs. Her area of interest is feeding problems and effective treatment. 

Parents usually say that it is a challenge to feed their child with autism. Here are some examples, he can refuse to eat mixed foods, he is selective in eating and can eat only chips, potatoes, cereal, etc., he accepts drinking only one sort of juice from one specific package, he runs away from the table after each eaten spoon of food or refuses to eat by himself. This is only a small part of feeding problems that a child with autism can face.  

Our discussion will focus on feeding problems in children with ASD. Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

  • Different kind of feeding problems children with ASD can experience.
  • How parents can understand if there is a problem of food selectivity and what causes it.
  • Problem behaviors during eating, like running away, refusing to taste new foods, throwing the food away, etc. and possible functions of these behaviors.
  • Who are some specialists that a parent could ask for help when addressing feeding problems.
  • Different cases from our practice and the recommendations for strategies to address feeding problems.

Thank you for attention! If you find this podcast helpful and valuable, I would be happy to hear from you in the comments on Facebook or in a personal message on the website. Take care!